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Preconstruction activities involve a complete analysis of projects before construction begins and is primarily used for work for the private sector. We use historical data and current market trends to develop a plan for the entire project. Our clients are assured budgets are validated, cost and schedule efficiencies are realized, and maximum value is achieved. We include additional activities necessary to complete the work, such as compliance with regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over the project and assuring the right subcontractors are selected while maximizing the quality of each element constructed. By using our experience, we resolve project concerns long before they impact construction.

Our budgeting process ensures that the project is constructed as designed with all the elements included in our scope of work. Budgeting is a collective team effort involving our Clients, designers, construction team, and subcontractors. Budgeting begins with the initial concept stage and continues through preliminary and final design. Subcontractors are sought and their bids are compared to the established budget for compliance with cost, schedule, and quality. Budgets are closely monitored during construction comparing the budget against actual construction to validate budgeted activities and mitigate or correct deviations well in advance of impacting the project.

Our estimating staff consists of a building division and a civil works division. The estimating staff insures that the full value necessary for our forces to accomplish "self performed" work is included in our price. In addition, the estimating staff has the ability to provide estimates of subcontracted elements of the work. The estimating staff works with prequalified subcontractors to solicit a minimum number of subcontractor bids for every element of work to be subcontracted.

All aspects of the project are managed by precedence logic scheduling, utilizing the current version of Primavera Project Planner. The various schedules include the master schedule, monthly updates, and "look-ahead' schedules. A comprehensive Initial Project Schedule is organized in a work breakdown structure for construction activities. The schedule considers the budget combined with the accepted alternative activities including Client supplied materials and work, as necessary. Our approach to the planning of the work is driven by a systematic analysis of construction activities. This is a continuing effort and interactive process refined throughout the life of the contract.

Value Engineering
We offer value engineering as an integral part of our preconstruction activities. We select, prioritize, and evaluate elements of the project that offer the greatest opportunities for increasing value through cost and schedule efficiencies or increases in quality for the same value. Alternative solutions are created, analyzed, and compared to the original design intent. Construction methods, aesthetics, and maintenance are all factors in this analysis. Recommendations and comparisons are offered to our Clients and the design team for acceptance.

Regulatory Compliance
There are a host of regulatory agencies and entities that can have a significant impact on the construction. We have an in-depth understanding of the permitting process, scheduling parameters, and sequencing to ensure regulatory compliance in the most efficient and time-saving manor. We have the experience necessary to mitigate potential impacts of both on-site and off-site agencies and entities having jurisdiction.

We maintain a list of qualified bidders for each trade. Bidders are selected from firms who have successfully performed on similar projects in the past and augmented with owner-approved and designer-suggested subcontractors, as appropriate. Subcontractors meeting the approval of all parties are invited to submit proposals for their respective trades. A detailed analysis is performed to determine that the bids are complete and fulfill the requirements and objectives of the project. Both our Clients and the designers are given an opportunity to comment and make recommendations prior to executing the subcontractor agreement.

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