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Tutor-Saliba is a company that should be very attractive to graduates, interns, and alumnus in Construction Management, Construction Engineering, and Civil Engineering. When you graduate, you will have many opportunities to pick between. What factors should you consider in choosing between offers?

We believe that before an individual chooses a career path that is right for them, they must have a broad range of experience and training. Entry-level engineers will go through a formal training program where they combine on the job training with off-site training sessions. You will have the opportunity to find your own strengths and weaknesses, and to prepare a solid foundation for any career path you choose.

We offer you a chance to work on some of the most exciting projects being built. Our company is growing larger and our work is becoming more complicated. That means you will be challenged to grow and develop as quickly as possible. Tutor-Saliba offers a unique mix of project types, and an unparalleled opportunity for hands on construction. Our projects may be tough, but they are never boring!

Compensation & Benefits
You should carefully compare the starting salaries companies offer. Our work is more demanding than other companies so our compensation is more rewarding. The Tutor-Saliba salary structure will be competitive when you start and will remain that way throughout your career. Those that achieve excellence will be compensated consistent with that performance.

Join us when we visit your Career Fair.

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